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Club Leadership

Our club is led by a group of volunteer members, who dedicate a lot of their personal time to help keep our club motivated, educated and vibrant.

The path to leadership is though selfless service and learning and managing our different chair positions. Board members help manage our regular community service events, while coming up with new and creative fundraising efforts to fuel our many community initiatives.

Each week they keep our club stocked with fresh programing, while exploring and developing new paths in service.

Photo of Sam Topal
  • President
  • Sam Topal
  • Office Phone: 203-446-5050
Photo of Chad Stewart
  • President-Elect
  • Chad Stewart
  • Office Phone: 203-371-9919
Photo of Gary Kealey
  • Past President
  • Gary Kealey
  • Office Phone: 203-750-5717
Photo of Paul Greatsinger
  • Club Foundation Chair
  • Paul Greatsinger
  • Office Phone: 203-292-3832
Photo of Janet Barillari
  • Treasurer
  • Janet Barillari
  • Office Phone: 203-929-9945
Photo of Beverly Balaz
  • Programs Chair
  • Beverly Balaz
  • Office Phone: 203-255-1011
Photo of Rena Fortuna
  • Community Service Chair
  • Rena Fortuna
  • Office Phone: 203-259-9733
Photo of John McPherson II Leask
  • Rotary Foundation Chair
  • John McPherson II Leask
  • Office Phone: 203-255-3805
Photo of John Hoover
  • Public Relations Chair
  • John Hoover
  • Office Phone: 203-852-6999
Photo of Stephanie Coakley
  • Public Relations Chair
  • Stephanie Coakley
Photo of Bruce Berdanier
  • International Services Chair
  • Bruce Berdanier
  • Office Phone: 203-254-4147
Photo of Heidi Schmenck
  • Membership Chair
  • Heidi Schmenck
  • Office Phone: 203-255-3483
Photo of Sheila Papps
  • Sargent at Arms
  • Sheila Papps
Photo of Vance Hancock
  • Sargent at Arms
  • Vance Hancock
Photo of Vance Hancock
  • Community Service Chair
  • Bruce Carter
Photo of Vance Hancock
  • Vocational Service Chair
  • Ginny Greatsinger
Placeholder Photo for Felicia Watson
  • Vocational Service Chair
  • Felicia Watson
  • Office Phone: 203-255-9465
Photo of James J. Malski
  • Asst. Governor
  • James J. Malski
  • Office Phone: 203-210-7003
Photo of Trish Pearson
  • District Governor
  • Trish Pearson