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Educating Fellow Citizens on State and Local Issues

Photo of a Community Grant Ceremony

Each year the Fairfield Rotary invites local legislators to come in and shed light on local events or issues. And some years, if it serves the general population, we host ‘energized conversations’ on local concerns, led by local officials seeking public office.

The goal is to impartially create more awareness of how our leaders in Town Hall - or perhaps in Hartford, are implementing change for the Fairfield-Bridgeport area.

Participants are held to agreed-upon rules of behavior, and Rotary’s first rule of the 4 Way Test - ‘Is it the truth?’ is marched to the forefront at each one of these spirited events.

We invite the public to come participate in these events and engage their elected leaders. Q&A’s are always held at the end, after participants have been given proper and equal time to discuss their viewpoints. We know and appreciate that public service is not often and easy task to undertake. Our goal as a club is to ‘shed light’ on local matters by minimizing any sense of political or other agendas, not meant to encourage clarity.

Reminder: Rotary 4 Way test
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it the fair to all concerned?
3. Does it build good will and better friendships?
4. Is it beneficial to all concerned?

Photos of Events