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7th Annual Food Collection for Veterans at the Memorial Day Parade

On Monday, May 30th, The Fairfield Rotary Club will have a truck preceding the start of the Memorial Day Parade in Fairfield, collecting non perishable items to be donated to the “Homes For The Brave” in Bridgeport.

Scene from our 2015 parade walk.

Scene from our 2015 parade walk.

To date, our yearly parade walks have collected thousands of pounds of food – and over $15,000 in cash donated by generous parade goers along the route.

Club members will be walking along the parade route collecting items such as: canned goods, coffee, powder creamers, twin size sheets, pillows, towels and any toiletries.

For a full list of requested items, go to:

For late comers, our parade truck will pass through the parade route a second time at the very end of the parade.

Since opening its doors in 2002, ABRI/Homes for the Brave has provided safe housing, vocational training, job placement, case management services, and life-skills coaching – to help individuals, especially Veterans, leave homelessness behind. A great need exists for the housing, case management, and vocational services their programs provide.

In Connecticut, at least 300 Veterans do not have homes. Only 10 percent of the general population can claim Veteran status. Unfortunately, one out of every three homeless men, who sleeps in a doorway or alley in our communities, has worn a uniform and served the United States. And roughly 8% of that homeless Veteran population consists of female veterans.

ABRI/Homes for the Brave’s mission is: “With an emphasis on Veterans, we provide housing and services necessary to help homeless individuals return to productive and meaningful life.”

The most effective programs for homeless Veterans are community-based, not-for-profit groups.

Please remember to bring whatever items you can and make this a memorable day for our veterans.

May 29, 2016