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Fairfield Warde HS Achievement Gap Task Force

Date of Meeting: 04/02/18

Our guest speaker for this Monday will be Deirdra Preis, Housemaster of Pequot House at Fairfield Warde High School. Mrs. Preis will be accompanied by other members of the Fairfield Warde High School Achievement Gap Task Force, which is a grass-roots group established approximately two years ago and which is led by faculty, students and parents. The Task Force was created to address the fact that students who are economically challenged and students of color across the nation often do not have access to the same opportunities as their peers, regardless of the demographics of their school district. Representatives of the Task Force recently did a presentation regarding its work at a conference in San Diego, CA to which only seventeen schools around the country were invited. They also participated in a student-led statewide conference at Southern Connecticut State University. The Fairfield Rotary Club was able to help cover some of the costs involved in these two conferences, thanks to those who support the Club’s gift cardprogram.

April 25, 2018