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Meeting Announcement

Kathy Boyle –On the Go

Date of Meeting: 10/02/17

Kathy Boyle on the go was launched to share the lessons Kathy learned in building her consulting practice as well as lessons from her family business owner clients. She speaks from experience as a business owner and has “tested in the trenches” ideas and solutions to challenges people face in selling and building businesses. She shares these tips and strategies with audiences to help them achieve greater success.

In addition to speaking, Kathy’s “day-job” is president of Chapin Hill Advisors, Inc. a consulting and planning practice. Kathy works with businesses owners of all types helping them create plans for succession, whether that is passing it to the next generation or selling all or a portion of their business. Planning is critical.

Kathy is a regular commentator and guest on national television and radio shows such as Bloomberg Radio and TV, Fox Business Network, Yahoo Finance and Market Watch radio. Kathy has also been interviewed extensively for various publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Elle Magazine, the Chicago Tribune and others.

Kathy will present:  “How to meet 1,000 People at Lunch” … Guaranteed to be a terrific presentation ( unfortunately won’t be able to attend).

Please note that there IS NOT a meeting on October 9th (Columbus Day).

September 28, 2017