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Event Announcement

Leaf Raking Weekends – Nov 12 + Nov 19

Volunteers definitely needed!

The Fairfield Rotary Club members will be donating their time to help those who might be overburdened by the amount of work required to rake leaves at this time of year.  With the help of members, family members and Interactors, we’ll meet at specific homes to conduct some healthy and refreshing community service!  Bring help. Lot’s to do – there’s millions of leaves out there!

Below are the homes that have captains:

Hanic, 385 Ruane Street – DAN WALSH

Szost (?), 445 Szost Drive – MATT AMBROSE

Guarnier, 206 Quincy Street – MIKE PIDA

Seirup, 117 Lawrence Road – GARY KEALEY

Semier, 174 Henderson Road

Allen, 184 Mill River Road

Sullivan, 76 Pratt Street

Stevens, 130 Shrub Oak Lane
(Captains will contact the residents directly and set up a day and time that works. Once that has been established, I will let you know and you have an option of helping out at one, some or all the locations.)

November 21, 2016