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Read Aloud Day

For over 30 years, hundreds of volunteers have gathered annually at Bridgeport’s elementary schools to read a book to eager kids from K through 6th grade.  This will the 12th year of our Rotary Club’s coordinated involvement in this event.  At 9AM we will gather in the school library or conference room for a light breakfast and orientation where you will have a chance to review your assigned book. At 9:30 a young student will escort you to your classroom where you will read the book to a room filled with attentive and polite listeners, and have an opportunity to engage them in a discussion of the book.  There is always a teacher in the classroom who will be grateful for the 1/2 hour break you provide.  By 10AM you’ll be done and on your way.

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It’s not too early to sign-up for this year’s Read Aloud Day which will occur on the morning of October 18th.  Our final list must be in by September 18th and we only have two club meetings between now and then. We have about 12 people signed-up so far, but we need at least another 12 more to match our prior years’ participation.

What could be more fun and rewarding?  I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to show that Rotarians care about promoting literacy.  You’ll be pleased to see how interested the kids are and how eager they are to engage in conversation with you.

For more info, please contact John Beckman.  Email ( or call  203-259-5711 and he’ll gladly add you to our list.

September 7, 2018