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The Joy of Bird Feeding!

Feeding birds all year round can bring enjoyment, be educational and of course, benefit the birds too!  Learn about the do’s and don’ts of birdfeeding, feeding tips, feeder types, seed types, conservation and more!

Presented by Chris Petherick, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Store, he developed his love of birds and bird watching as a youngster.  With over 30 years of experience learning about back yard birds, Chris is also engaged in conservation efforts. Chris and his wife moved here about a year ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  … he said some about “Go Badgers” … lol

Our CT birds are beautiful, spectacular and magnificent … bird feeding is a wonderful family hobby for everyone, including grand children!   Learn about how to feed them throughout all 4 seasons, to make our feathered friends happy!

August 7, 2017