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Scotland’s Fire Festivals – Tom Laurenson

Date of Meeting: 03/05/18

Our guest speaker for this Monday, March 5th, is Tom Laurenson who will be making a very interesting presentation on Fire Festivals.

Tom will present on Scotland’s Fire Festivals, ranging from Guy Fawkes night on November 5th (bonfires and fireworks everywhere) through an assortment of fire festivals at New Year and a few days later at the Old New Year (in the Julian rather than the Gregorian calendar) to the Up Helly Aa festival on the last Tuesday of January. Apart from Guy Fawkes night, which celebrates the foiling of an attempt to blow up Parliament, the fire festivals celebrate the passing of midwinter, the lengthening of the days, and the prospect of spring. fire is both a cleansing of the old year, and a welcome to the return of sunshine, especially important in high latitudes where winter days are very long. Most folks don’t realize that all of Scotland is further north than most Canadians live.

March 3, 2018